Whether you received a spa voucher for Christmas or just need to iron out those back-to-work knots, a massage is a fantastic way to relieve stress, treat injuries or just plain old relax.

The only problem is, there’s just so many of them! How many of you have scanned the service list of a spa and seen the list of massages available, only to have no idea which one is right for you?

When I was pregnant Jo Beecher from Still Beauty came to my house to give me regular massages, which was so handy because I was tired all the time and couldn’t be bothered leaving the house. The convenience of it was brilliant.
Since I had Banjo, I’ve continued with it and have a massage every three weeks. It’s so much more relaxing to have it at home because it’s where I’m most comfortable. Plus, it’s very hard to go to a salon with a baby.

Over at Bliss they take a rather more relaxed approach…Ask for Joanna Beecher: thumbs of steel…

Step forward genius therapist Joanna who spent an hour kneading and pummelling said trapped nerve and easing very sore, tight muscles. Although we’re told it was down right painful at times our tester did emerge with significantly looser shoulders and muscles that felt a lot less pinched. A few days later and the painkillers are gone and a good night’s sleep has been had. Kudos must go to Joanna for achieving the impossible.


Still Beauty